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This website is owned by WOOD ARTISAN company. Whenever the term "service", "website", "application" is used in this document, it refers to this very website.


WOOD ARTISAN company is the Data Administrator, which is owned by Robert Skalany, ul. Chlopska 6, Janowice Wielkie 58-520, Poland. Whenever the term "Administrator" is used in this document, it refers to the Data Administrator.


  1. The Data Administrator is the approprate person which holds all the responsibility of data protection related to this application. Should you need to contact him, please send an email to
  2. The Administrator reserves a 3-day deadline to respond to any User and process his request.


All data on the Website is processed in order to enable any user to use the application conveniently, in particular to:
  1. browse content, what is meant by text, media and multimedia elements.
  2. make a contact easy using the Contact Form where this Contact Form is understood as a web form available at with the same title.
  3. make a callback reservations easy using the Callback Form where this Contact Form is understood as a web form available at with the same title.


  1. Using the Contact Form requires entering your name, e-mail address, message subject, its content and accepting this Privacy Policy.
  2. Using the Callback Form requires entering the phone number, e-mail address, preferred date and time of callback, content of the message and accepting this Privacy Policy.


  1. The User provides the data listed in §5 voluntarily, however, he must take into account that the opposition to providing his or her data or expressing the will to remove them may result in incorrect operation of the Website or inability to perform the requested services.
  2. By accepting the mentioned data (§5) and then accepting the displayed record of consenting to this Privacy Policy, the user agrees to the processing of his personal data in connection with the implementation of the objectives listed in §4. This consent may be withdrawn by the User at any time by contacting the Administrator (as described in §3).
  3. §7

    1. The User, as a person whose data is subject to processing, has the right to:
      • transparent communication and information on shared data,
      • daccess to shared data, including their inspection and making corrections,
      • delete data ("the right to be forgotten"),
      • restrictions on data processing,
      • moving the data,
      • opposition to data processing..
    2. The User has the right to obtain a copy of the data related him, from the Administrator. This information may be provided electronically to an e-mail address.
    3. The User has the right to information about:
      • purposes of use,
      • personal data categories,
      • recipients or recipients' categories for which data has been made available
      • the planned period of data storage,
      • lodging a complaint to the supervisory body.
    4. Users are protected by the Administrator's IT security systems, including through appropriate source code quality and an SSL certificate that encrypts connections.
    5. §8

      application does not hold any information - everything is sent automatically via email to


      Cookies are used only to correctly store login information and / or internal functionality of the portal. They are not used to share any marketing information other than analytical services only for the portal itself.


      The administrator does not provide any data to third countries except for data being sent in automated emails while using the Contact Form or Callback Form.


      Users are required to use the Site in accordance with the law, respecting the privacy of other people using the Website.
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