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Feel the breath of nature

In today's world - far-dominated by technology, continuous run of pursuing everything we can - we often lack space for real nature. Speaking of nature - shouldn't it be the closest thing to us? Each of us needs a long, healthy sleep - to be able to recover from the hardships of work. Every one of us must have time to take a good nap and forget for a moment about the chaos happening right outside the window.

We consider the rustic style to be a perfect chocice here - as it draws directly from nature and simplicity. It is a strong contract for what we can expect during our daily routine. It appears that the best place for it would be your bedroom - where, if not there, you are looking for a delicate relief after a hard day? We decided to make a project using the very basic principles - to make a sharp and absorb treat. But do we need that truly? We believe so.

Your oasis of simplicity

Especially in large cities, it is often seen that people tend to emigrate to the outskirts and look for something else. The ubiquitous white complementing the modernity being forced everywhere makes the rooms look mundanely instead of impressive. Of course, nobody says that white is not cool - but sometimes you just need something that is not only simple but actually beautiful in its simplicity. During making a rustic collection of tables we could convince ourselves how strong the trends of going back to nature actually are. We wanted to continue this idea - so we designed also minor bedroom equippment to complete the project.

Our main goal was to create a real oasis of stillness - a place to which we can always come back after a hard and exhausting day. A place which with its with velvet scent of fresh natural wood let us dream like we never dreamed before.

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