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SPACE10 GrowRoom - Flanca, a truly social flowerbed

Our company had a great opportunity to create a completely new kind of work - a social flowerbed proving that the universal beauty of flowers combined with a fresh and innovative form is always a good idea.

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GrowRoom has been designed originally by SPACE10 team - it is a custom type of modern, multi-level flowerbed which is constantly being created and maintained by people around. It's a project fully responsible for the environment and designed to let the local people build their very own common place in these hard times. As everybody is free to add and organise the plants, you can be more than sure that it is going to be one of the very unique projects of all the time.

The flowerbed consists of five different levels, yet every single one is a perfect place for growing flowers. We are sure that local people will help this place to quickly develop beautiful compositions of colors. That is a great trope of how a number of individuals can create together a beautiful work.

The entire project is supervised by the Giszowiec association in the city of Katowice, which is going to regularly check the progress of plants and provide them with all care they may need. The work is located in the middle of the Giszów park, on »Pod Lipami« Square - right in front of the main building. If you have an opportunity, we encourage you to visit this place.

The GrowRoom is in itself an open source project created originally by SPACE10. It means that anyone - however with a considerable amount of time - can prepare very own GrowRoom. In cooperation with the original design team, we had the pleasure to build this wonderful flowerbed at the turn of August and September.

As the GrowRoom project is fully customizable at any point, we will be more than happy to offer you any different kinds of this product that would perfectly fit either indoor or inside your garden.

All the photos are coming from the official Facebook page, make sure you pay it a visit!

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