• Real unique projects.

    Make the guests'
    WOW really loud.

    Carefully-made professional projects turned into exceptional products. Before your very eyes.

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  • Decors and clocks

    for office, home and garden

    Make the character of your room really individual - check out our offer of wooden clocks and other decorations.

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  • Standard and garden furniture.

    Custom made. Wooden soul included.

    We create all kinds of furniture with the significant decor.

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A wood is not just a material.
It is a real passion.
The passion for excellence.

Over 10 years of experience — an entire decade. Thousands of hours of hard work. A real passion that makes the products happen - a passion which gives a real sense in everything we make.

Excellent wooden parquets

For more than a decade we install wooden parquets in Western and Central Europe. We know what we do - a long list of customers is a proof of our significant experience. There is no place for any compromises as we truly know the feeling of smooth and healthy wood right under your feet.

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Custom-made projects

Every our product is nothing but a custom-made project turned into a wooden piece of art. We would love to show you beds, toys, and furniture made with love. Your dreams are the only limit. Shall we make them true?

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Check out our offer of tables which will match every kind of room. Do you need a small coffee table? A long bench for the living room? Or maybe a true rustic art which will complete your style? Just let us know what's on your mind.

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We absolutely love to create custom clocks with unusual faces. We bet you will choose something right for your — office (branded clocks), company (themed clocks) or your very own home. It is a right thing for a right time.

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Exceptional and rich-decorated mirrors in different shapes and styles. Mirrors with solid frames or slim ones placed right on the surface. An excellent example of functional furniture which charms any room.

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Decors and arrangements

Want to add something truly special to your home or office? We produce a plenty of wooden decors which can turn your place into something truly yours - no matter if you want to split your room or maybe turn your wall into a magic one.

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Sacred art

We do respect every religion. And we wish to make every temple looks absolutely briliant. Check our pulpits, altars, confessionals, paschals and more. We assure you our skills are more than enough - with a plenty of realized projects near our company.

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